AI and Machine Learning

(Launching Soon)

Learn the broad range of capabilities of AI and its impact on your business. Understand concepts that underpin the most used methods, algorithms and techniques. Study how AI affects the world at large and its implications. There are no pre-requisites for the course. You can be a complete beginner.

Each week will contain lectures of a total of 3 hours.


  • What is A.I?
  • What is Machine Learning and demystifying the jargon.
  • An introduction to curve fitting using Neural Networks – The perceptron.
  • Data to Decisions with (practical examples) – Learning Algorithm Overview Gradient Descent.
  • Feature engineering & Dimensions.
Homework Included
  • Data Types – Structured/ unstructured/ words, numbers, data types, time series, categorical, ordinal, and continuous.
  • Dealing with data – dimension size, missing data, uncertainty, combining data, noise, and data cleaning.
  • ML Tasks: Supervised Classification, regression, unsupervised, and clustering
Homework Included
  • A basic tutorial in the use of Python for Data Science
  • Supervised online lab session.
Homework Included
  • Overview of deep learning, feature learning, NLP, big data analysis, future technologies (5G Comms, quantum computing), transfer learning, multi-task learning, active learning, – Beyond classification and regression.
  • Seminar on the whole course and implications for your company (discussion session).