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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Executive

At the crossroads of statistics and machine learning, data science is an intriguing and fast-growing area. It is focused on the extraction of knowledge from information and the application of that knowledge to issues in domains such as commerce, medicine, and research. Machine Learning is an area of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on designing and […]

10 Ways to Maximise Results with a Marketing Consultant

What is the status of your current marketing strategy? What percentage of your efforts are successful? Are you getting the return on investment you anticipated from your marketing initiatives? If you don’t have an advertising consultant, you’re not receiving the most out of your advertising. Unless you employ a pro, it’s tough to keep up […]

Why Working Professionals Should Enrol for Online Courses/Training?

Are you a working professional? You might want to consider getting business transformation training courses to get business transformation training. Such courses will help you upskill yourself and boost your growth in the company you are working for. Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur, these courses are helpful in growing your business. When you attend […]