Digital Transformation Simulation Training

By taking our Digital Transformation Simulation Training you will be able to learn and experience how to lead complex transformation at companies with workforces that range from 500 to several hundred thousand in size.

With 1000’s of transformations struggling, stalling, or not even getting started, demonstrates the massive shortage of transformation management capability throughout the world. Many senior managers and leaders are suffering because while they understand how to manage and lead their “operational” business, they typically don’t have the time, knowledge, or experience to successfully manage and lead the “transformation” of their business.

Our training will enable you to go through 4 rounds of simulation training in a dynamic environment making the training more engaging and fun.

Course Director

Kuldip Sandhu is a Digital / IT Transformation Practitioner and Consultant with 25+ years working in IT across banking and financial services, higher education, legal, police, local government, insurance, retail, professional services, telecoms and aerospace, events & hospitality, and recruitment.

He brings about change in reluctant environments through leadership, vision and taking stakeholders on a journey and empowering staff with the tools for change and upskilling teams so they become high performing, whilst building the IT Function into a stable internal department and making it more effective and efficient whilst decreasing the dependence on 3rd party suppliers.


Kuldip Sandhu

Founder & CEO, IQS


DTX-i is a highly immersive, virtual, single-player, web-based strategy simulation that:

  • Engages and educates individuals rapidly and at scale and cost-effectively
  • Provides insight into the core components and landscape of Digital Transformation – focus on CX
  • Illustrates the context and benefits of the technologies and practices that enable success in a digital paradigm
  • Facilitates engaging and immersive, virtual instructor-led experiences for individuals and small to large groups

The course is for business and technology managers and leaders who want to thrive in the digital economy.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Business and IT Executive Teams (C-suite and Management)
  • Employees to enable EnterpriseTransformation
  • IT Practice Education delegates (DevOps, Agile, ITIL, SRE)
  • Product Owners and Cross IT Teams – (Dev, Ops, Sec, QA/Test etc.)
  • The strategic challenges that organisations face in enterprise Digital Transformation
  • Insight into the key success factors that should be considered in Digital Transformation, such as stability, agility, customer experience, and key financial leading indicators
  • Understanding of technology practices such as CI/CD, Continuous Testing, Automation, API’s, Microservices, and the tools that enable Digital Transformation
  • Understand how best practices enable stability and agility within a digital organisation
  • The enterprise-wide impacts of decisions that might be made in the real world
  • Use gamification to see into the future and know the results of your decisions before you make them
  • Customer Centricity
  • Organisation Agility
  • Speed to Market
  • Increase Quality
  • Reduced Risks
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Increased Stability & Resilience

Overview of Simulation Training

You must analyse data and execute a number of actions across the IT enterprise to improve business performance. In so doing, you will have to consider, experiment, and observe the impact of your choices and how they might play out in the real world. 

  • 3 rounds (per quarter)
  • Within each round, complete 1 cycle (each cycle = 10 minutes = 1-month in-game time)
  • At the end of each round, you can see where you place on the leaderboard among your cohort
  • Receive instant feedback on key business performance metrics
  • The DTX indicator shows Digital Transformation progression and actionable insights
  • Observe your strategy playing out over 1 month of operations = 1 minute
  • Review performance with data analytics and rich metrics. Review Value Stream Map to reveal waste to improve ‘Flow’ issues
  • Consider strategy options with insights from the DTX Indicator and stakeholders
  • Implement next moves from new technologies, digital practices and ways of working
  • Key Success Factors – Stability, Agility, Customer eXperience, Financials
  • Technology Practices & Tools – CI/CD, CT, SRE, API’s, Microservices, ITSM, Automation
  • Ways of Working – DevOps, ITIL4, Agile, SRE
  • Practise Techniques such as Kanban and Value Stream Mapping
  • Real-World Impacts – The enterprise-wide impact of choices made in the real world
  • Strategic Challenges – Faced in enterprise digital transformation


Bespoke Prices
  • Includes consultancy sessions before and after the training


“Simulation training enables the mindsets required to make DevOps a success, whilst giving all support teams a better appreciation of how ITSM & DevOps are essential and complementary and will ensure you deliver quicker, better & cheaper – whilst delivering on time within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the business more consistently.”
– Steve Sheppard, Head of IT Service Management at L&Q
“My team and I recently went through the Digital Transformation Simulation Tool workshop and this allowed us a new and unique way to look at Digital Transformation overall. As technology professionals, most of us have attended numerous training and workshops on the subject but this was different. We as a group decided to go ahead with an open mindset and not with a lot of expectations, that helped us to see the benefits of the tool and the session. The best thing about the platform is it being a “Gaming Tool” which allows users to feel and do things as if in real life. The platform simulates real life situations in a gaming and competitive environment which is really an excellent way of understanding Digital Transformation.

Overall, the Digital Simulation Experience was very unique and we had an excellent session with a lot of ‘takeaways’ for our Digital journey.”
– Sunando Chaudhuri, Head of IT at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)
“My team and I recently undertook the Digital Transformation training using the simulation tool and found the whole experience both reassuring and enlightening. 
The tool enables us to step outside of our usual day to day activities and consider digital transformation and improvement in a neutral, safe environment. Not being about our organisation enabled lots of conversations in the team that would have been quite provocative had they been initially focused on our own internal ways of working. That said, the team took great inspiration from these discussions and went on to relate these changes we felt we needed to drive in our own division and the wider organisation.
We gained great reassurance from a number of conversations the activity provoked, particularly around balancing stabilisation with the need to drive improvements in a more agile way, as these aligned with not only existing views but challenges we have already been discussing.
The session resulted in ongoing conversations continuing with new vigour and exploration of ideas we’d otherwise have not considered.”
– Head of Service Management Office at a Leading Russell University Group

Our Clients

Is your business thinking about undergoing a digital transformation? Explore the impact of digital transformation on businesses and find out how to implement it in your own organisation with our Digital Transformation Simulation Training. The simulation training allows you to explore how you would conduct your digital transformation with a set budget, and see the results of the decision your make. Put your knowledge and strategy into practice before implementing it in your business.

We are also hosting a webinar on 8th June 2021 at 2pm to discuss the Importance of Digital Transformation for your Organisations Success. We will be answering any questions you may have regarding digital transformation as well as the simulation training.